Toddler and the mother

I was sms my friend about something and we had a little “exchange”. I thought it might be “meaningful”.

A: I felt like a toddler who lost his parents on the streets and lost the way home.
B: Its painful. Very painful ba?
A: Needless to say. Hope I can grow up and find my way home.
B: But when the mother found the toddler, why did the toddler do things to make the mother angry and walk away from him?
A: Cos the mother abandon him.
B: Have you ever think what will happen to the toddler when he grow up without a proper mother?
A: A man with no idea of what he’s doing.
B: Glad that you know. If the mother comes back and “scolds” the toddler, don’t do things to make the mother angry again but tell the mother what he feel.
A: The mother wouldn’t understand.
B: Never try, never know.
A: Let fate decide.
B: The toddler must give chances to let fate come and decide. Not push it away.