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One whole day

Yawnz, have been doing ECSA for one whole day… not one subject which I am most pleased with..

I want to do some bits of ENCM later at night! So excited about the Windows 7 development workshop tmr at SMU.

Moving host = not easy

Seems like moving hosting is not as easy as i think. During school today, I looked through my hosting and wanted to delete those files which I no longer need but because my root domains died and hence i cant properly see what is inside anymore. Seems like I have alot to move…

Moving to a host with ASP.NET

Seems like over the course of next 3 weeks, I will be starting to move a few hosting to a new host with ASP.NET capability. Including this blog but first I need to clear all my stuffs from the hosting.. alot of things!

Busy Busy… I am starting to enjoy this!

I am also excited about upcoming stuffs! Woohoo!

Wufang Singapore website is now down

I have officially taken down Wufang Singapore website now. The website is now undergoing revamption and hope to offer our users with better interface and mosre importantly more features.

I will post up the features along the way as we confirm it.

The website should be done by the end of november.

For enquiries and enrollment, you may wish to contact Wufang at the following numbers:
67379537 ( Cairnhill Community Club )
67920095 ( Gek Poh Ville Community Club )
65831220 ( Pasir Ris Elias Community Club )

Please read the disclaimer.


Some reminder and tips for myself, when creating a lot of databases of the same “category” website…Use short form to remember which website it is for. The suffix is the website’s “name”

Just had my chingay rehearsal just now.. I am tired.