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Unable to see .htaccess or dot files in File Manager, cPanel

I was attempting to “edit” .htaccess file to make some url redirection for a page and I realised I wasn’t unable to locate the file in my web root. The first instinct is that I didn’t have any .htaccess file and I decided to create one. However, I was given an error that ERROR: Could not create file “.htaccess” in path. File exists..

This indeed confused me as I cannot locate the file. Upon further probing, I realised what was wrong. You have to check on the option Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) when you open up File Manager in your cPanel.

Tick the options Show Hidden Files (dotfiles).

Tick the options Show Hidden Files (dotfiles).

Address in address bar in right to left

I am sure this will be useful to some of my audience who may have similar experience as me.

There was this one day when I accidently click on some stuffs(which till date is still unknown to me what I did) and I accidently changed a setting which I shouldn’t had.

This causes my address bar to be reading from right to left as you can see below

To solve it, right click on the address bar and uncheck “Right to Left Reading Order”

Using Windows Explorer as a FTP client

Recently I have been talking to Kiat Siang on some of the things we are doing and he questioned me on how we could use “Windows Explorer” to access the FTP. Interesting he is not the first to ask me that question. Though its easy but often overlooked. Made this quick guide on how one can do so.


Step 1 : Open up File Explorer and click on the address bar.






Step 2: Type in the ftp address, remember to prefix it with the ftp protocol.







Step 3: After it went in, right click on the content area and select Login As…











Step 4 : Login dialog will appear, type in your ftp username and ftp password

Gmail – Not receiving email you sent to “yourself”

Recently, I was trying to send some email with gmail to a group(whom I am one of the receiptant as well) but for some unknown reason then, I am not receiving the email that I sent out. I thought it didn’t get sent out so I resent again (this process repeated for 3-4 times)

Did a quick search, i realised its because of the decision that Google made on how this should work. Personally find it weird though.

Posting here, just in case anyone needs help.

When you send mail to any group or mailing list you subscribe to, Gmail automatically skips your inbox and archives the message to save you time and prevent clutter. The message will appear in your inbox if someone responds to it or if there is an error delivering the message. If you’d like to view your message, you can find it in Sent Mail or All Mail.

Missing sln from solution explorer in Visual Studio

Recently, i had a very interesting problem with my colleague, we were unable to see the sln file in his Visual Studio 2010’s Solution Explorer. He was unable to add another project into the solution. We tried to open and close the solutions and alot different ways….

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 1

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 1

Apparently, what we have to do is just to go into Tools > Options in Visual Studio and go into Projects and Solutions and select General. There is an option called “Always show solution“. Check it and save and you will see your solution file!

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 2

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 2

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 3

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 3

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