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Visual Basic reverse For Loop

Something quickie post here. Since I am not from a vb background, this took me a little more than 3 mins to figure this out. Thought will be good to post this.

For i = 10 to 0 step -1

This is the the C# version of the loop.

for(int i=10; i<0; i--){ STATEMENT; }

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Continuing codeXtremeApp Application

After talking to Mr Yeak, it seems like we will continue and fix all the bugs of the application which we had created during the codeXtremeApp 2010 competition, A green application. 🙂 Great! Our focus of our major project will still be Savior though.

On 2 side note,
1. Seems like I am really going to be sick soon, keep coughing. Esp after watching Inception. It wasnt that bad this afternoon. Inception is a nice movie!
2. Finally, i am only left with mysql to move before I can move to a Windows Server! Hope that the index.php problem will not happen.

codeXtremeApps 2010 Update

Seems like the presentation for codeXtremeApps 2010 went pretty well yesterday. Although its kinda scary facing 24 people Judges in the room presenting on our solution. Mr Yeak followed us to SMU and giving us advice. Thanks Mr Yeak. Certainly a mentor that everyone wishes to have.

Thursday is the prize presentation. Although I am not putting in high hopes for it but then, lets hope for the best.

On a side note, I have yet to transfer my host. 😡 Still have some trouble backing up all my data..

Alright, off to do work! =)

Top 12 in codeXtremeApps 2010

Alright, competition ended and I had a long sleep last night.

Not long after I woke up this afternoon, i receive an email stating we are shortedlisted and have to present tomorrow, meaning to say we are in top 12. Congrats team!

Time to get busy tonight to prepare for the presentation tomorrow. Seems like my plan to move hosting today will fail. 😡


Bleh… 2.37am. Still doing my project.

I started since 11am and have been doing non-stop so its already almost 14 hours on the running with less than 1 hour of rest.

Crap. Can someone 安慰, 安慰 me??? 🙁