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Error while upgrading to WordPress 3.0

While I am trying very hard to backup some other stuffs from my ftp to my localdisk before the move to another host, i tried to upgrade my wordpress blog to 3.0 and I gotten this error…

Call to a member function add_rewrite_tag() on a non-object in…

Did a quick research and they ask me to deactivate my plugin which i did. ( Link here ) and here we go, it works… now I have to figure out, which plugin causes the problem before I continue.

One whole day

Yawnz, have been doing ECSA for one whole day… not one subject which I am most pleased with..

I want to do some bits of ENCM later at night! So excited about the Windows 7 development workshop tmr at SMU.

Moving to a host with ASP.NET

Seems like over the course of next 3 weeks, I will be starting to move a few hosting to a new host with ASP.NET capability. Including this blog but first I need to clear all my stuffs from the hosting.. alot of things!

Busy Busy… I am starting to enjoy this!

I am also excited about upcoming stuffs! Woohoo!


It looks much cleaner without those stuffs there.

New York New York!!!

I will skipped the first 2 hours from 10am-12noon. Met Matthew and Jun An. Nothing much was done except for drinking bubble tea at Jurong East interchange….I drank 4 cup of it at the first 2 hours. Thanks Matthew. =) Have to wake up at around 7.30am for it.

Anyway, we went to City Hall after that tocatch a movie, decided to watch 17 again. We ate Yoshinoya first before going in to cinema, i think the movie is pretty average, expected the ending to be this way.

Went to LAN at Dohby Ghaut after that where my accuarcy for L4D is 25% and someone else is 17%. HAHA, but then cannot suan him. He my shifu for DOTA and my di lea. Went back to City Hall to eat New York New York. I ended up eating the same thing again… somehow. =.=’. AND WE FORGET TO USE THE MEMBERSHIP CARD AND VOUCHERS!!!! ARRR. Wasted like $17……

It was quite another average day for me. We promised him this dinner anyway. HAHA.

Wanted to write more but my computer is lagging like hell at the moment and its already 2.16am. School tomorrow. I hate my timetable. Anyway, I gonna change my blogskin soon. Tomorrow will be Dreamspark and Live@Edu. HAHA.