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O level results

Wow. I had such a nervous day today. I went to my school and collect my O level results…. OMG.. I was like so nervous.

My results are as followed ( if you care )
English Language – B4
Combined Humanities – B3
Mathematics – A2
Additional Mathematics – A2
Physics – B4
Science ( Chem / Bio ) – B3
Chinese – A2
Chinese (Oral/Aural) – Dist
L1R5 = 16
L1R4 = 13
ELR2B2-A = 13

End of Exam, Start of 9th Wushu World Games

No more papers for me…. and it is the start of the wushu world games.

Day 1

You won't be penalised for using correction tape/fluid

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for writing to us on 29/10/2007 with regard to your enquiry.

We would like to clarify that the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) discourages the use of correction fluid/tape in the GCE exams to safeguard the interests of pupils.

Based on our past experience, the SEAB found that the use of correction fluid/tape can affect the performance of pupils and the legibility of their scripts.

Examples of these include:

(1) Pupils forgetting to write in their answers after applying correction fluid because they went on to answer other questions while waiting for the correction fluid to dry.

(2) Pupils spending time waiting for the correction fluid to dry or reapplying correction tape to mask their original answers, before proceeding to answer other questions. This results in some loss of time.

(3) Pupils writing answers when the correction fluid is still moist, thus rendering their answers illegible.

(4) Correction fluid adhering to the opposite face of the answer script, causing answers on the opposite face to be smudged.

(5) Correction tape causing opposite faces of the answer script to be stuck to each other. Separating these pages during marking could cause damage to the scripts and hence affect the legibility of answers.

With regard to the use of correction fluid/tape in schools, we would like to clarify that pupils are engaged in a variety of writing activities in their daily work where the use of correction fluid/tape may be appropriate. However, this is a decision that is best decided by the school.

We would encourage parents to contact the relevant school for further clarification on the decision made by the respective school, The contact details of all schools may be obtained from:

We hope the above clarifies. Should you have any further enquiries, please quote the following reference number : 2007/10/455355 when you email me at [email protected]. Alternatively, you may also speak with our Customer Service Executives at 6872-2220.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

(name withheld)
Customer Services Branch, MOE

I was browsing around stomp and I saw this, if it interest you in any bit.

I have seen the end of it

5 more papers.

My DP account has yet to be restored. ERR

Undone Business

I have some undone things to do before I want to leave Montfort Secondary School without any “worries”.
– Some things that I did not finished for Mr. Loyl Yeo yet. (Need to dig up where I save the files,ha)
– Some more suggestions for Montfort Secondary School


On the other hand, I just had the Science Practical yesterday. It was pretty easy. It took me a few times to get the gas for the second question which is carbon dioxide.

Stupid Zinc Carbonate made me think I get the “Carbonate” part wrong, I tried to do all the Anion Test but there isn’t Lead(II) Nitrate provided for me to test for Iodide. I also forget how to do the K2Cr2O7 test.

Biology part is feakingly easy, it can be considered theory paper? Haha There is only like 2 marks worth of practical to do… Write their main differences. I am not sure if I could get my drawing for the oxygen absorber correct… Luckily I went to learn and remember the structure of the flowers, haha. Just before the last minute of my paper, I discover one careless mistake on my part.. They gave me the unit mm yet I went to write 7.1cm there.