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Summary of what i did today

-Went to “teach” Yuhua wushu.
-Went Wufang
-Tried another 2 ZT and failed.
-The moment i logged on Internet, Hui Min April fool’ed me. LOL

Going to complete my last part in the project. HAHA going bathe now. Cya guys. =)

Injuried my back

I guess I injuried my back real bad today in wushu. Don’t dare to tell my coaches. It hurts alot… Haiz…. Real hurts, especially I got a very serious injury there before. It hurts even when i twist my body… How…

Pretty boring day

Today is a pretty boring day for me. I am going for wushu training at Wufang later. Oh yea, congrats to Jowen for getting first in broadsword in Interschool wushu compeition, got the news from Jasper yesterday. :p

On the side note, Alex Ng Jun Hong has his name first on Google search engine. Google Search for Alex Ng Jun Hong

Wufang Singapore website is now down

I have officially taken down Wufang Singapore website now. The website is now undergoing revamption and hope to offer our users with better interface and mosre importantly more features.

I will post up the features along the way as we confirm it.

The website should be done by the end of november.

For enquiries and enrollment, you may wish to contact Wufang at the following numbers:
67379537 ( Cairnhill Community Club )
67920095 ( Gek Poh Ville Community Club )
65831220 ( Pasir Ris Elias Community Club )

Please read the disclaimer.

Wah tired

Went back Wufang for training after one week break… Woohoo… so tired.

The coding is progressing well. 😀