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Injuried my back

I guess I injuried my back real bad today in wushu. Don’t dare to tell my coaches. It hurts alot… Haiz…. Real hurts, especially I got a very serious injury there before. It hurts even when i twist my body… How…

Pretty boring day

Today is a pretty boring day for me. I am going for wushu training at Wufang later. Oh yea, congrats to Jowen for getting first in broadsword in Interschool wushu compeition, got the news from Jasper yesterday. :p

On the side note, Alex Ng Jun Hong has his name first on Google search engine. Google Search for Alex Ng Jun Hong

Wufang Singapore website is now down

I have officially taken down Wufang Singapore website now. The website is now undergoing revamption and hope to offer our users with better interface and mosre importantly more features.

I will post up the features along the way as we confirm it.

The website should be done by the end of november.

For enquiries and enrollment, you may wish to contact Wufang at the following numbers:
67379537 ( Cairnhill Community Club )
67920095 ( Gek Poh Ville Community Club )
65831220 ( Pasir Ris Elias Community Club )

Please read the disclaimer.

Shen Zhen / Hong Kong trip ( Part 4 )

Day 7
Had our last breakfast at the Shen Zhen’s Di Hao hotel then we set off to Hong Kong in the afternoon. We were “stuck” at the customs for so long because all the “Nei Di” people all going to the competition as well. Lucky, due the the organizer’s effort in making going through custom easy. I am not sure how but we were given a special route to go to Hong Kong but of course, we still have to go through the custom.. Haha.. I remember it is so tiring because we have to pull our luggage up and down.. I really mean up and really down…. Reach Hong Kong and we took their MRT to “Da Xue” station before we were taken to the Hotel by their shutter bus service.

Day 8-12
I can’t believe I am summaring all into 1 whole section because I forget what happen there… eh… I just remember it is so tiring. I have to do Chang Quan followed by Spear then Sword that day WITHIN 20 minutes!!!! Thats one of the bad point of the competition but I am so surprised that other people aren’t tired when they are also doing 3 routines in such a short time.

Results of Wufang’s Male Athlete
Hao Meng: 2 golds
Jun An: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Guo Hong, 1 Gold, 2 Silvers.

I got gold for my spear and silvers for my quan and sword.

We went to “Wang Jiao” and walk. Its so much fun there and the things there are quite…. cheap and expensive. The shirts are all so unique. I wish I have bought more money there to buy shirts… sigh..

There is a wushu performance by the organizer and a few team like the Philippine team performed a skit on the last day before the whole event closed. Our team also won the 1st runner up overall champion in our category.

Reached Singapore at around 11pm.