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Temasek Week Zero Camp

Never went for TP’s FOW, FOC but there is this camp that I went to… well its the TP’s week zero orientation camp. I am in ITO from the IIT School. Well its was quite fun and get to know 19 more new classmates and also hopefully know my 139 other course-mates. Met our OLs which I believe they are from Student Union?

We have a nightwalk whereby we have to find clues and “apples” at different rooms or corridors of the schools. I can really see how hard and how much effort our organisers have placed into making this a successful one. Our first room, the 6th floor of the engineering block is the most scary one and I think it is also the best.. ( It was also our first station. )

Yea!!!! Three Cheers and three cheers and three cheers to our OLs! hip hip-huarry hip hip-huarry hip hip-huarry. Haha, I am still in the cheering state. It was so fun, and you really feel relax… its really a school full of laughters, fun and some NC16 cheers.

Oh yea, I am in the class of C195.

Acronyms used:
TP – Temasek Polytechnic
FOW – Freshmen Orientation Workshop
FOC – Freshmen Orientation Camp
OL – Orientation Leaders