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Xamarin Warning- TargetFrameworkVersion error (need to increase TargetFrameworkVersion) for your project

I was doing Xamarin and i got this error –

The $(TargetFrameworkVersion) for FormsViewGroup.dll (v7.1) is greater than the $(TargetFrameworkVersion) for your project (v6.0). You need to increase the $(TargetFrameworkVersion) for your project.

I went into “C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk” and run SDK Manager.exe as manager and do an install and update.

Rebuild the solution in Visual Studio and it will work

Visual Studio Nuget Error Install-Package : The current environment doesn’t have a solution open.

I was attempting to open a solution that I downloaded from Github and I received this error.

Install-Package : The current environment doesn’t have a solution open.

For those of us who met this error, You just have to go to File select Save All in Visual Studio to save the solution somewhere and the problem will be gone.

Using Toggle Control to disable/enable idle detection – Windows Phone 7

Saw a question on Dream Build Launch on how can one use toggle control to disable / enable idle detection and from there, enable/disable it idle detection accordingly.

I believe he needed it in his setting page. Did up a quick demo.
















1. I used the toggle control from the silverlight toolkit for Windows Phone on codeplex (Can be found here : for the toggle control.

2. Do read this msdn article for

Things I did
1. Added the toggle controls in the toolkit into Visual Studio (if you have yet to do so)
2. Pull in the toggle controls and attached the checked event handler onto the control.
3. Add the following code (I included the method signature here).

private void toggleSwitch1_Checked(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

if (toggleSwitch1.IsChecked == true)
PhoneApplicationService.Current.ApplicationIdleDetectionMode = IdleDetectionMode.Disabled;
PhoneApplicationService.Current.ApplicationIdleDetectionMode = IdleDetectionMode.Enabled;

You can download the demo file here :!2752&authkey=!AOBimFuXpsh6oog

Missing sln from solution explorer in Visual Studio

Recently, i had a very interesting problem with my colleague, we were unable to see the sln file in his Visual Studio 2010’s Solution Explorer. He was unable to add another project into the solution. We tried to open and close the solutions and alot different ways….

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 1

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 1

Apparently, what we have to do is just to go into Tools > Options in Visual Studio and go into Projects and Solutions and select General. There is an option called “Always show solution“. Check it and save and you will see your solution file!

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 2

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 2

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 3

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 3

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Quick fix – Cant host WCF on IIS 7.5

Will be writing quick fix that fixes my problem that I faced daily here.

I was trying to host my WCF written on top of .NET Framework 4. When I am hosting it up, i got this error
” HTTP Error 500.21 – Internal Server Error
Handler “svc-Integrated” has a bad module “ManagedPipelineHandler” in its module list”

After some search, i realised I have to install on the server by running Visual Studio Command Prompt in Administrator mode with this.

aspnet_regiis.exe -i