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tired and sian

5 hours of dbsy kills. still in dbsy lecture but i am on visual studio and facebook. =.=”

have been doing too many projects which make me very tired. wushu later. o.O

stupid hong wei, show me a video yesterday which make me unable to sleep.

wah, i dunno what i typing but yea… basically i am very tired and sian.


Something is very wrong with my stomach lately… I keep getting ache in my stomach.. I am not sure what happen to me. 🙁



Some reminder and tips for myself, when creating a lot of databases of the same “category” website…Use short form to remember which website it is for. The suffix is the website’s “name”

Just had my chingay rehearsal just now.. I am tired.


Sore throat for now ehhh……… Should get a whistle.. umm. Hope it recover by tomorrow.