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Finally … after 9 weeks … Passed out!

On the 6th October 2011, I finally passed out from Basic Military Training and I am no longer a recurit, I am now a private! We booked into STC on Sunday night to start rehearsing for our passing out! It was very tiring but of course, it was worth the cause.

It was drizzling on the actual day itself ( Not sure if it was cat 1 ) but we pressed out and gave an awesome “performance” to our parents and relatives / friends. Drills were performed by some of the vocations for our parents in between the 2 march-ins we have. Our parents were invited to don our berets for us and put on the formation patch on our Smart 4. The moment was exhilarating for both us and parents! Our Air-Force commander was there to witness the event too! Thank you!