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Windows Phone 7 – Textbox On Focus Color

Was browsing around Stackoverflow and saw a question that someone asked, (WP7DEV) Textbox background changes when typing

Thought it will be useful for someone who needs it.

By default, a textbox on Windows Phone 7 will look at the one you see in the screenshot on the left, below, but when you were to focus on it, it will turn into slightly white-ish, as seen on the right.

Some of the scenarios for your development do not allow that and requires them to be the same. Written this quick guide in case someone needs it.

1. Attach a GotFocus event handler to the textbox you want to have the effect on.
2. Add this code in the method.

textBox2.Background = (SolidColorBrush)Resources[“PhoneTextBoxBrush”];
textBox2.BorderBrush = (SolidColorBrush)Resources[“PhoneTextBoxBrush”];

*Please remember to change textBox2 to the correct id of the textbox that you want the effect on.

For those of you who are curious where I get the Resources from, you can view a list of the available resources here :

You can download the solution here too:!2793&authkey=!ACBRpIRyDopM5Lo

My blog is a website? o.O

I got some comments that my blog looks like a website. Haha, guess i shall make it more like a blog then.

MSP meeting

We had our monthly meeting again at Microsoft Singapore’s office at One Marina Boulvard. I was late because I had to teach wushu in the morning. When I arrived, Chun Siong was presenting something with Visual Studio which I shall not reveal and out of 3 demos, he had done, 1 fail but neverthless its a great session for us all and the last demo that he did proved to us that Int32 works/runs/does faster than Int16 or Int64.

Coming up next is the SMUs and TPs presenting the 2 events that we had done respectively, Experience it with Windows 7 and IE 8 ( if i recall correctly ) and MSP Boot Camp. SMUs also talked about something like clean the toilet campaign which attracted a good amount of people.

Next Zi Han present to us 2 applications that he did, one in WPF ( Windows Presentation Foundation ) and the other in Silverlight and he got me inspired to learn Silverlight but I am pretty busy at the moment so I guess I need to look at it only after week 0.

As usual, we have Pizza! This time, we have Mr Gates face on the Pizza boxes, too bad i have no chance to post the picture because it seems like I cant get my Windows 7 to work with my incoming bluetooth. =(… My outgoing one works. Anyway, yea and we had a little event-game just before we leave… We have to plan for Stanely’s birthday. Haha.

Another thing that I took away today, 3 things, if you are able to sell any of the 3 things, you will be able to get a job ( supposely ).

1. Sell products
2. Sell ideas
3. Sell yourself

Outing with Matthew and Jun An

We had a very sudden outing which we planned just one day before the event. Just happen to meet Matthew when I am at Raffle Places MRT with Bee Siew so well, we go to SomerSet together and met Jun An there.. Wah Raining wor. Play LAN, DOTA where Matthew keep killing Neutral Creeps and I “play” the game. Well I am lousy in doat so basically, indirectly, Matthew is controlling my character. Haha. Then played a bit Arcade to pass time before going to Movie.

Went to watch Mall Cop, its funny till siao..Its nice. 🙂
Had some dinner. Walked to Suntech and Arcade abit then go home liao.

Matthew and I had a promise on something. Lets hope it will come true!
*Before anyone says its lame to promise by using fingers at this age, i tell you, its not! =) Small things like that works better people it could reassure the people that no empty promise is made because its carved into the person’s mind. 🙂

On a side note, Happy Birthday Ryan!!!