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tired and sian

5 hours of dbsy kills. still in dbsy lecture but i am on visual studio and facebook. =.=”

have been doing too many projects which make me very tired. wushu later. o.O

stupid hong wei, show me a video yesterday which make me unable to sleep.

wah, i dunno what i typing but yea… basically i am very tired and sian.

Never underestimate the power of blog

Whatever you put in your blog, you will not know who is looking at.

Blogging this from school, at Tampines, later going to Jurong.
Haiz, from Hougang to Tampines to Jurong and back to Hougang. Will be spending more than 4 hours TRAVELLING TODAY. ­čÖü Who want to pei me in Jurong later? ­čÖü A LONG LONG DAY. =(

Still have to go school tomorrow for meeting then going Microsoft to play with something damn cool. :O Damn excited.