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Today, i went to Punggol end with Yi Sheng and Hong Wei. Both of them cycle there so I can only stand behind Yi Sheng… Stupid Hong Wei don’t want to ride me there… The ride was like almost 30 minutes and caused me to have sun-tanned haha but its a fun trip. Wanted to find the ghost house but we didn’t manage to find it. Haha. Some photos for you guys.

Sigh, Chingay rehearsal tomorrow. Lets see how I should go there then… I don’t want to take taxi.

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, a lot of things happened lately… Let me take my time now in this post to update you what had happened to me ( if you are interested anyway )….

Disclaimer: This is a LONG post, do not bother to read if you have no time.. Its just about the boring life of mine.

First of all, i had my first part-time job with Sintex. A company that sells bedsheet sets and stuffs regarding beds. It was recommended by Hong Wei’s cousin’s boyfriend. The pay was quite okay. It was my first part-time job le. I was supposed to work for 6 days but I took the last day off to have Christmas Celebration at Coach’s house. Met a lot people and get to know more people. The person who leaves me a very very deep impression is Ah Seng. He is just “powerful”. Jiayou Sintex.

Wayne Ong Yao De. He is one of the most friendly people I had ever met, never see him angry before and takes all things that come his way cheerful. I should learn from him and not get affected by things around me so easily but anyway We celebrated his birthday on, I think the 28th of Dec which is a Saturday. Had 2 celebrations with him. One in the afternoon and one at night. We went to Novea there to had some NICE NICE chicken rice and following which we had our “dinner” at some hotel and … wth… he paid for it. It makes me feel so weird and bad. Thats quite a big sum since quite a lot of us went. Anyway I owe him one, I gonna treat him back for it.

Second Birthday which we celebrated is Chang Heng and Bing Han.. All of them are very brother lor. All born so near. We had our lunch at “I forget where”( If I am not wrong it is changing appetites ) but Coach Quek, Chee Tah, CBL, Lijun, Danielle, Bing Han, Yao De, Yan De, Chang Heng was there. I was there late due to PA filming so I only ordered one mudpie.. It is BIG.. omg.. make me so full.

Yet another birthday but this time is Yan De, he is another cheerful guy. Never see he angry before also. We went to Waraku to eat. ( Waraku is the restaurant i love most ). I was at my cousin’s house that day and later I meet up with Xian Ying, Yao De, Yan De and Chee tah to go to Marina to eat. Bing Han and Chang Heng went there as well but not with us. We did heard the bad news of them failing the coach’s test but its okay. It didn’t affect the birthday boy. Haha. We went for a bowling match after that. We are suppose to play loser punch and we lost….but for some reason, it didn’t ended up to be loser punch. I started playing quite well and deprove haha.. Chee tah was very good! Yan De never get on-form though. If not, we will win. Haha

I am going to compete in Chang Quan, Sword and Spear. I no longer have interschool but this competition which will be held in March will replace my “interschool” although it is an international competition. We are going to train in Shen Zhen first before competiting. From Wufang, Me, Hao Meng and Jun An will be going and we will be going with Coach Xue and wushu students from RP. Lets hope that we can get some “result” back. Haha

Me, Jun An, Kelvin, Robin and Bing Han is participating in 2008 Chingay under PAYM. We are suppose to perform wushu on this float which will be pushed by MacPherson Secondary School students. We had our first rehearsal on Saturday, hot hot Saturday. It seems like the students did not have a problem pushing even when we step up. Its a total of 600kg when we are up there. It did not include the generator yet which will add up to 900kg. One of the person-in-charge wants them to “carry” up the float… They are rehearsing the “carrying” that day before we left and that is only 300kg… what about us on top jumping and the generator.. Will they be able to do it? They are having a big problem carrying 300kg already… Lets see then.. Me and Jun An went for a Pool game after last Saturday and we played “Loser Dare” haha.. he lost and he owe me a dare. Anyway Next Saturday will be our next rehearsal. Lets see what will happen on that day then.

Chinese New Year is coming up and of course, I am preparing for the performance. It is for my ex-school. Montfort Secondary School. I guess it might be our last official performance for the school. The rehearsal starts tomorrow which is the day that I get my result… Er… Anyway… I will be doing spear for the performance so await my “great” performance.

O level result will be released tomorrow. I already had an “A2” for my Chinese and now I feared the rest… EHHH.. I am quite confident when taking my O level but it always seems like the more confidence I have when I take my paper, the lower the result I will get. PLEASE… God help. I am really scared.. Ah Gong Bo You.