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More about me?

I saw this in my draft, half done, while waiting for my noodle to finish cooking… so…

Time: 2.56am
Name: Lim Guo Hong
Birthday: 11 July
Birthplace: Singapore, Alexandra Hospital
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Height: 169cm
Right/Left handed: Right hand
Heritage: Chinese
Worst habit: :X
Zodiac sign: Year of Sheep/Goat
Shoe size: 6.5 / 7
Pant size: No idea
Innie or outie: No idea
Parents still together: Yes
Shoes you wore today: Slipper
Your weakness: Scared of some things
Your fears: Being alone (I am always alone though, how ironic)
Your perfect pizza: One without tomato and veggie.
Goal you would like to achieve this year: Build my concept of programming
Your most overused phrase in msn: LOL, =.=
Your best physical feature: None
Your bedtime: 2am onwards
Your most missed memories: Chingay 08, PSLE, O level’s, Primary School time, Secondary3/4, Wushu during Secondary School, When i was young.

Colours: Black
Food: Meat
Sports: Wushu
Animal: Goldfish?
Ice cream: Vanilla
Candy: Nope
Store: Nope
Salad dressing: Huh?
Actor: Jackie Chan, Jet Li
Songs: Quite a lot, most are love songs
Letter: None
Number: None
Gum: None
Holiday: None
Season: None
Toothpaste flavour: Mint
Radio station: 100.3FM
Perfume: Adidas-related
Scent beside perfume: None
Body part on the opposite sex: None

What do you want to be when you grow up: Programmer, Evangelist (DPE?)
How do you want to die: A peaceful one
Turn on: Computer
Turn off: Computer
Which of your friends acts most like you: None
Who’s the loudest: Jun Ming?
Who makes you laugh the most: Alvin
Who have you known the longest?: Wen Hao
Who’s the shyiest?: Jasper
What is the best feeling in the world: Hugging a person you like.
Worst feeling: Sabo by others, knowing what people talk bad about you behind your back
Where do you want to live when you grow up: Anywhere
If you could change on thing about you what will it be: My character

Lets walk on the: moon
Lets look at the: Sky
Where did all the: the food goes to?
Why cant we: find peace in the world?
Silly, little: girl
Isnt it weird that: what is this?
Never under any circumstances: should you try this!
I wish: my wishes will come true
Everyone has a: heart
I am: good for nothing

Been in love: Kinda
Been to juvie: Nope
Mooned someone? Nope
Been rejected: Yes
Ran away from home: Yes, indirectly.
Picture your crush naked: Yes :X
Skipped school: Yes. A few times :X
Thought about suicide: Sometimes
Slept outside: Yes
Laughed so hard you cried: Yes
Cried in school: Yes
Thrown up in school: Yes
Wanted to be a model: Nah
Cheated on someone: Yes.. :X
Done something really stupid that you still laugh at it today: Yes
Seen a dead body: Yes
Been bitched out: Yes
Drank alcohol: Casually
Smoked: Nope
Been on drugs: Yes
Eaten sushi: Yes
Been on stage: Yes
Gone skinny dipping: Nope
Shoplifted: Nope
Been drunk: Nope
Been called a tease: Nope
Been beaten up: Yes

Swear: Sometimes
Sing well: Not really
Shower daily: Yes
Want to go college: I am in
Want to get married: Yes
Believe in yourself: Yes
Get motion sickness: Maybe?
Think you’re attractive: Nah
Get along with your parents: Nope
Like thunderstorms: Nope
Play an instrument: Nope
Own an ipod: Nope
Pray: Yes
Go to church: Nope
Sleep with a stuffed animal: I have 3 monkeys in my house. :p
Keep a diary/journal: Blogs
Dance in the rain: Yes?
Sing in the shower: Yes :X

Pepsi or coke: Coke, MICROSOFT. ­čśŤ
Mac or BK: Mac
Single or group dates: Group dates
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Strawberry or blueberry: Strawberry
Meat or veggie: Meat
Tv or movie: Movie
Guitar or drums: None
Adidas or nike: Adidas
Chinese or mexican: Chinese
Cheerios or corn flake: ???
Cake or pie: Ice cream cake
MTV or vh1: MTV
Blind or Deaf: Deaf
Boxers or briefs: Briefs

Do splits: Soon
Write with both hands: None
Whistle: None
Blow a bubble: None
Roll your tongue in a circle: None
Cross your eyes: Yes
Walk with your toes curled: Yes
Touch your tongue to touch your nose: None
Dance: None
Eat whatever you want and no worry: Yes

You touched: Matthew
You talked to on the phone: Jasper
You msned: Hairiandy
You hugged: Jasper?
You yelled at: My students. =.=”
You play a sport with: A LOT OF PEOPLE

Time you laughed: This morning
Time you cried: Recently, haiz…
Movie you watched: Mall Cop? ( Matthew and Jun An )
Flavour of gum you chewed: ???
Joke you told: This morning? But Matthew did not laugh at my joke. =.=”
Song you sung: Bu Wan Mei

Life on other planets: Yes
Miracles: yes
Magic: Yes
Love at first sight: Yes
God: Yes
Satan: No
Ghosts: Yes
Santa: No
Evolution: Yes

By the way, my noodle was burnt the first round.. I recooked it.. =.=”