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This is an interesting video.

100 truth about myself

100 Truths

I saw this on Jun An’s blog. Pretty interesting and hence I am posting it here.

►Perfect : Nope
►Tall: 169cm
►In your pajamas: Nope
►Left handed: No
►Friend you saw: Yuhua Wushu People
►Talked to on the phone: Jun Ming
►Person to text you: Jasper
►Is today better than yesterday?: No
►Numbers: 8
►Color: Black and Red
►Food: Chicken
►Place: Microsoft
Q: What was the first thing you did
this morning when you got up?
► Went to Henry Park Primary School
Q: Do you have anything bothering you
► Yes
Q: What’s the last movie you watched
in theaters?
► Money Not Enough 2
Q: Where is the 1st place you went?
► Hospital
Q. Do you smile a lot?
► Yes
Q: Do you wish upon stars?
► Yes
Q: Are you a friendly person?
► Yes
Q: Where did you sleep last night?
► My own house
Q: Why did you sleep there?
► I am tired.
Q: When was the last time you cried?
► When I watched Money Not Enough 2
Q: What was your last thought before going to bed?
► What should i be teaching tomorrow
Q: Rate life as of right now,
► 8/10
Q: What do you hear right now?
► Conan’s voice
Q: Does anything hurt you right now?
► Stomach. I am hungry.
Q: What’s your favorite month?
► October
Are you missing someone right now?
► Yes
Are you single?
► Yes
Are your parents still married?
► Yes
►Real name : Lim Guo Hong
►Nick Name: The wushu guy
►Age : 17
►Eye color: Black
►Male or female: Male
►Single? : Yes
►Crushing? : Yup
►Smart? : Quite
►Hair color? : Natural black
►Sweats or Jeans? : Jeans
►Phone or Camera? : Phone
►Health freak? : Nope
►Righty or lefty ? : Right
►SMOKE or Drink? : Drink
►First best friends? : Andy Phua
►First award? : Busary or math award
►First enemy? : None
►First pet? : Turtle
►First vacation? : Malaysia
►Eating? : Nope
►Drinking? : Water
►Listening to? : Conan
►Plans for tommorow? : Coaching and praying
►Waiting for? : 3rd Round MSP interview
►Lips or eyes? : Eyes
►Shorter or taller? : Shorter
►Romantic or spontaneous? : Both
►Sensitive or loud? : Both
►Hook-up or in a relationship? : huh?
►Drank hard drinks? : A few sips
►Lost glasses/contacts? : Yes
►Ran away from home? : Nope
►Broken someone’s heart? : Nope
►Been arrested? : Nope
►Do you like someone? : Yes
►Are you seriously happy with
where you are in life? : Yes

Borrowing money from Singapore?

I was looking at my friend’s signature and I saw this link and he marked it as interesting read so I decided to have a look.

Who Will Tell The People

The author of that post is THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN who is travelling around the world as he is writing a book and he recently wrote something quite interesting.

We’re borrowing money to shore up our banks from city-states called Dubai and Singapore.

How could this be? We are a great power. How could we be borrowing money from Singapore? Maybe it’s because Singapore is investing billions of dollars, from its own savings, into infrastructure and scientific research to attract the world’s best talent — including Americans.

Who Will Tell The People