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Its a good thing that I got addicted to blogging, somehow. Its 4.28am now and well, Hairiandy coming to my house to continue doing on ThinkQuest competition project tomorrow at 9am? I have to wake up at around 8.30am…It will be a long day tomorrow.

Tomorrow night have to go to Microsoft to attend Mix It Up – they will be talking about ASP 4.0 and VS 2010. Pretty excited about it, first time I heard it was during the PDC (Professional Developer Conference) of Microsoft last year.

My back still hurts.

Random facts about myself.
– I support Jarod for CSS3
– I normally sleep pretty late.
– I have the urge to take TS: Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista Client certication.
– I have been listening to the fact 不完美 alot.
– I am currently using Windows 7.