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codeXtremeApps 2010 Update

Seems like the presentation for codeXtremeApps 2010 went pretty well yesterday. Although its kinda scary facing 24 people Judges in the room presenting on our solution. Mr Yeak followed us to SMU and giving us advice. Thanks Mr Yeak. Certainly a mentor that everyone wishes to have.

Thursday is the prize presentation. Although I am not putting in high hopes for it but then, lets hope for the best.

On a side note, I have yet to transfer my host. 😡 Still have some trouble backing up all my data..

Alright, off to do work! =)


Its a good thing that I got addicted to blogging, somehow. Its 4.28am now and well, Hairiandy coming to my house to continue doing on ThinkQuest competition project tomorrow at 9am? I have to wake up at around 8.30am…It will be a long day tomorrow.

Tomorrow night have to go to Microsoft to attend Mix It Up – they will be talking about ASP 4.0 and VS 2010. Pretty excited about it, first time I heard it was during the PDC (Professional Developer Conference) of Microsoft last year.

My back still hurts.

Random facts about myself.
– I support Jarod for CSS3
– I normally sleep pretty late.
– I have the urge to take TS: Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista Client certication.
– I have been listening to the fact 不完美 alot.
– I am currently using Windows 7.

Shen Zhen / Hong Kong trip ( Part 1 )

It will be a pretty long post if I put all my daily encounter into 1 post so I decide to cut them into different parts. I am typing this to keep it for my own record so I will have a memory in the future. There is no need for you to read it. 🙂

Before flying:
I am flying off on the Saturday morning, ( 1st March ) and if I were to take taxi there. It will cost me a bomb ( mid-night charge 😛 ) and hence I decide to stay over at Hao Meng’s house and his dad will bring us to the airport together. I met Hao Meng on Friday night and we went to the airport at around 4.30am in the morning. Reached and saw a group of RP students and Jun An there. Coach Xue and Coach Zhou along with Chu Quan and Crystella has not reached yet. They are pretty late though but we manage to check in before time. It was the first time I took an aeroplane. We took Cathay Pacific and reached Hong Kong. The service on the plane was good. Its just like what Yao De told me. You are treated like a King. The only complain I have is that the place on the plane is just too small.. I have a hard time sleeping. haha

Day 1
Day 1 start officially when we landed on Hong Kong airport. Its quite nice to be there seeing another country but we didn’t manage to stay at the airport for long as we are going to take a bus to the custom of China and Hong Kong. We took a photo at the Hong Kong airport. I will show you when I got all my photos arranged. The bus ride is so long that a lot of us fall asleep. We reached the Hong Kong custom soon and after we enter the custom, we got stop by the Hong Kong police ( thanks to our LONG weapon which make it so obvious that we are bringing weapon to Shen Zhen…. ). Its about Lunch time now and we are a bit hungry. After we show them the letter from Singapore Police stating the reason of us bringing weapon, we are allowed to go. From what I heard, its a bit ironic.. The letter is in English and the Hong Kong police has problem understanding the letter and he got one of us to “translate” it for them. The air is so fresh in Shen Zhen although there are so many cars there… perhaps, its due to the cold weather? Reach Shen Zhen’s “Di Hao Jiu Dian” and yeah.. we rest on that day. Had our dinner at the restaurant in the hotel… The taste of the food is just BAD… Later a group of us went for us massage.. Had my body relaxed. 🙂 Me , Jun An and Hao Meng sleep in the same room.

Day 2
The first day where we have our training. We were all waken by the morning call to wake up at around 6.30am to have a morning jog. Its about a 2km run.. We didn’t manage to sweat much because the weather is just too cool. If I were to run without a jacket, I will freeze till I die… Its just cold.. After the run, we went to train on our routine in the park and soon we went back to the hotel to have our breakfast. The breakfast taste SO MUCH better than the dinner last night. I like the “Char Siew Bao” and the Porridge a lot. We then went to the training place by bus. A rental bus. The training place is empty as it is on Sunday and there isn’t anyone who train on Sunday there. There are 5 carpets where we can use there. Trained on our basics and started to train on our routines. Had our lunch at a foodcourt nearby and went back to the training ground to have a nap there before the second training. We were totally drained out after the second training. Wei Liang, captain of RP Wushu IG, fainted and were sent a hospital. Had our dinner at the same restaurant where we have our breakfast before we went for a walk nearby. This conclude the second day.

Hong Kong and sigh….

Plane details to Hong Kong is out.

Singapore, T1 —– 1st March (Sat) 0805
Hong Kong, T1 —- 1st March (Sat) 1155

Hong Kong, T1 — 12th March (Wed) 1955
Singapore T1 —–12th March (Wed) 2340

—————————-I am a line—————————-
Guo Hong,

If you ******* ***** you are ****, you are *****… **** ** and *** *** ***** ****** you. See *** **** **** ***. *** do *** **** to bully the **** and *** good ** the ******? You ******* ***** **………

Just meant for me to know…….. those * have meanings… no blank information.

—————————-I am a line—————————-