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codeXtremeApps 2010 Update

Seems like the presentation for codeXtremeApps 2010 went pretty well yesterday. Although its kinda scary facing 24 people Judges in the room presenting on our solution. Mr Yeak followed us to SMU and giving us advice. Thanks Mr Yeak. Certainly a mentor that everyone wishes to have.

Thursday is the prize presentation. Although I am not putting in high hopes for it but then, lets hope for the best.

On a side note, I have yet to transfer my host. 😡 Still have some trouble backing up all my data..

Alright, off to do work! =)

Top 12 in codeXtremeApps 2010

Alright, competition ended and I had a long sleep last night.

Not long after I woke up this afternoon, i receive an email stating we are shortedlisted and have to present tomorrow, meaning to say we are in top 12. Congrats team!

Time to get busy tonight to prepare for the presentation tomorrow. Seems like my plan to move hosting today will fail. 😡

Next few days – code::XtremeApps:: 2010 , Moving Host, etc

So lets see… Over the next few days, I am “pretty” free.

I have codeXtremeApps 2010 which I will be using Project Nimbus ( )
You will be asking, what is codeXtremeApps and Project Nimbus.

Basically, codeXtremeApps is a 24 hours round-the-clock competition organised by ITSC, we were to use one of the 3 technologies which they provide.

Taken directly from their website ( )
“Project Nimbus is an initiative that hopes to solve innovators’ problem of finding data sets and services by offering a central place for authoritative and reliable data and services access from government and commercial entities in Singapore.”

This will start on Friday night to Saturday night. Interesting. Shall blog what happen when I am at SMU. Afterwhich, I have a “free” Sunday, i suppose. I will use that whole day to make sure my blog is properly revamped and moved away from Hostgator to a Windows Server. The move is not that Hostgator isn’t good but I find it pointless having 3 hosting with 3 different companies now. I rather move it to a platform, Windows, which I am more comfortable with now.

Almost 3am, time to sleep. Night!