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Developing application on Windows Mobile Platform

Chirs Chin, Developer Marketing Director, Microsoft Singapore came to MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) meet on Saturday to give us a quick talk on Windows Mobile 6.5 (, abit on Windows Mobile Marketplace and asked us to submit applications for certification if we can. Certainly, he got me excited and right after my exam on Wednesday afternoon, I begin to develop my first Windows Mobile Application. As a student, we should try everything. :p

I posted it on my facebook and twitter and it seems like it gotten some attention from my friends. Some of my friends, my classmates and friends outside, asked me whats the difference in developing a client-side application and mobile application, I will say beside the idea that should be generated is a bit different, the rest are the same. I will be covering this later.

On Thursday night, Microsoft Singapore has a Mix-It-Up event and the speaker is Chris as well. Went down and listen what he has to present and what others are presenting. A group of students and 2 companies presented their product. I am really impressed by what the students and HNL had done. =)

Let me point out some of the differences here.

1. The normal application we are developing on VS08, we normally use .Net framework 3.5 but for a windows mobile application, we use .Net Compact framework 3.5 ( )

2. Can we develop a silverlight application on Windows Mobile since silverlight is cross platform? At the moment, its a no. I believe something is coming out soon though ( After doing a search on bing, )

3. I am developer, what is the link to Windows Mobile Marketplace?

4. Where can I find applications which I can buy for my Windows Mobile phone?

5. I want to start developing. Where is the SDK?
You might want to have a look at the toolkit as well

Hopefully my application I am developing will be a success though I am facing some difficulties now. =)

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