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中国达人秀 – 梦中的额吉 (乌达木)

I am touched.

“A 12-year-old Mongolian boy- Uudam (乌达木 Wudamu in Chinese) who lost his parents at the age of 8 in a road accident singing the song-“Mother in the Dream” (梦中的额吉) to his mother at heaven. He seldom talk about his story but when he miss his mother, he will sing this song. Besides, he always dream about his mother, sitting beside him.

The song is in Mongolian, therefore, not everyone can understand the lyrics. However, his singing touched every judges and audiences in the hall without the understanding of the lyrics. He sang out all his love and though to his mother.

A touching song, performed by a boy who got a sad story behind, a voice comes from far Mongolia sending his though to his mother at heaven. A great performance by a 12-year-old boy! He got an interesting and beautiful dream which is to invent a kind of ink that just need a drop to drop on the ground, the whole world will cover with green grass. one more thing to add, his mother wished to see his singing on the stage when she was alive.”

Shen Zhen / Hong Kong trip ( Part 3 )

Day 5
Our last day of training in Shen Zhen before we head to Hong Kong to compete. We didn’t have a morning run but me and Crystella make it a point to wake up early to run. Jun An wanted to tag along but due to his injury. He can only walk. We still eat breakfast at the same old place. We have double training today again. During the second training, we have some “exchange” with the students over there. Have quite some fun and taken some photos but we didn’t exchange numbers though.

Day 6

Our last day in Shen Zhen, we have a whole day in Shen Zhen if I wasn’t mixed up with the dates. My memory is falling on me and I forget what happen.. Haha