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1 whole week of tough training

After 1 whole week of tough training, i rewarded myself with a MacSpicy now.

Its been so long since I last train such vigorously, the feeling is great but tiring…

Monday: Training at Republic Poly
Tuesday: Training at Wufang
Wednesday: Training at Republic Poly
Thursday: Training at Wufang
Friday: Training at Republic Poly

The routines are such tiring… I don’t know how many routines I have done… The amount of full routine I done this week is like way more than what I have done in past 3 months. The “Ti Ne” also kill me… i am just too tired… haah

Injuried, Hospitalized, Muscles Pulled… Top Athlete all injured before, tired before, almost give up before but they have one thing in common…. they never give up… Jiayou Guo Hong

Next week I have to do 2 routines together….. that will be very tiring.

Flying off soon…