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Removing things

I am slowly removing things from my blog.

I totally forget the purposes of its existance. I need to revamp and prevent others from abusing it.

Never underestimate the power of blog

Whatever you put in your blog, you will not know who is looking at.

Blogging this from school, at Tampines, later going to Jurong.
Haiz, from Hougang to Tampines to Jurong and back to Hougang. Will be spending more than 4 hours TRAVELLING TODAY. 🙁 Who want to pei me in Jurong later? 🙁 A LONG LONG DAY. =(

Still have to go school tomorrow for meeting then going Microsoft to play with something damn cool. :O Damn excited.

Blogging from Temasek School Lab.. hahaha

woohoo.. i am blogging from temasek school’s lab.

The computers here are like 10 times faster than what I have at home.. even though I am using Starhub maxonline.