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Happy Birthday Lena!

Last Sunday, we celebrated Lena’s birthday at Il-Lido on Sentosa Island with Wei Wei and Adeline! Microsofties whom I know from the Public Sector team and we worked together in several projects! As for Lena, I knew her since 4 years ago. We first worked together 4 years ago at MSP AprecioNite at the counter where we uses tablets to take pictures of the guest and we get them to sign on it! It was an awesome experience working with her and we worked together in several projects in MSP thereafter. It was nice catching up with them during this happy occasion! My awesome sisters!

My good sister who will be there for me when I needed her, she have taught me and show me alot of things about life.

We even went together to Thailand and present at the 7th APAC Regional Innovative Educations Forum and Education Leaders Forum! She helped me alot along the way!


Lena Chang

Lena Chang

Our "Zi Lian" photos

Our "Zi Lian" photos

P.S: Lena’s birthday is very special this year, 11 Nov(11) 2011, hence I decided to post this during 11:11am!

By the way, il-lido has awesome Italian food!

Still before 12am

I am still on the 17th April and its before 12am so now wishing my bro, Matthew, a ver happy 13 years old birthday!!! 🙂

Coach Xue's Birthday

I went to Coach Xue’s house on that day to celebrate his birthday instead of going to RP as anyway, I do not have enough time to travel down form East Coast to Bukit Batok.

Met up with Jaryl, Yao De and Chang Heng then we went down together. When we reach there, a lot people were already there. Started to eat a lot and have fun. Students from RP were also there already. Celebrated coach xue’s birthday and we left… Play with darts and a lot of funny things happen as well… Was a very very fun birthday. I cannot describe well as it was very very messy that day. Haha

Anyway Pictures speak louder than words. Have a look at the images. 🙂

Wednesday today… 3 more days before I fly… sigh…