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Too many acronyms

I am like 4 weeks into my new school and there are SOOO MANY acronyms that we need to know or have learnt about.. haha

Do you know them?


Temasek Week Zero Camp

Never went for TP’s FOW, FOC but there is this camp that I went to… well its the TP’s week zero orientation camp. I am in ITO from the IIT School. Well its was quite fun and get to know 19 more new classmates and also hopefully know my 139 other course-mates. Met our OLs which I believe they are from Student Union?

We have a nightwalk whereby we have to find clues and “apples” at different rooms or corridors of the schools. I can really see how hard and how much effort our organisers have placed into making this a successful one. Our first room, the 6th floor of the engineering block is the most scary one and I think it is also the best.. ( It was also our first station. )

Yea!!!! Three Cheers and three cheers and three cheers to our OLs! hip hip-huarry hip hip-huarry hip hip-huarry. Haha, I am still in the cheering state. It was so fun, and you really feel relax… its really a school full of laughters, fun and some NC16 cheers.

Oh yea, I am in the class of C195.

Acronyms used:
TP – Temasek Polytechnic
FOW – Freshmen Orientation Workshop
FOC – Freshmen Orientation Camp
OL – Orientation Leaders