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Ask O level-blog

I was just browsing my comments of my blog just for fun and I chanced upon this blog made by 2 people whom they are named Bear and alwaysLovely. They have been coaching for many years so they have our strength in the subjects. Bear is constantly talking to Scientists so his information is even more up to date! [ From their website]

Not only there is e-platform but now people are really making good use of the net.

By answering all O Level A-Math, E-Math, Chemistry questions within 24-48 hours đŸ™‚ for free!
Email to [email protected]

I will love to use this when I am in need.

p.s: There are a lot of great tips inside! All the best to all ‘O’ levle guys!

Vertical Align Text with CSS

Just to leave some notes here before I forget. Until vertical-align for text is released in CSS v3 .. Use

line-height: LENGTH OF IMAGE px;
vertical-align: middle;

Layout of the new wushu website

Designs and Scripts to use come later.

Chat[Not sure]
Media – Photos / Videos / Interviews
Shop[ I am thinking how I should do it first ]
Download – Pictures / Videos / File
More – Portfolio / Contact Us / About Us

* Using Different Scripts but same Design for all at the moment
– An online Chat system where wushu people can talk live to each other. ( Like MSN but without email. )
– Portfolio = A directory-like system where people can fill in their personal information about their wushu stuffs and countries and stuff.
– Shop to sell wushu stuffs [Books, VCDs, Shoes, Shirts… not including weapon].
– Contact Us / About Us / Forum setup
– Set Up Links

Lets see how it goes, I maybe doing it after my tomorrow’s paper or O level’s Chiense paper.