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Wushu, Google Results and Sports day

I went to Wu Fang ( Cairnhill ) on Thursday and today ( Saturday ) to train for the coming interschool. Basicially it was great when I am training there. Coach Xin Ru helped me to change a few of my moves and she keep asking me to change to contact lense and not to wear spectacles during wushu training. The way I wore it make me look like Lao Fu Zi (Old Master Q). Ren Zoe won 2 golds and 1 silver and I could see he is not really happy with his own result when he told me about it. He got Silver in his cudgel and he lost to Bryan, another Wu Fang students. He lost to Bryan by 0.03. I tried to encourage Ren Zoe already. We went to Paragon’s Taster Food Pte Ltd to celebrate their victory. I am not sure why I am there, I felt quite extra and there is only 6 people who went there. 3 coaches of Wu Fang, 1 assistant coach of Wu Fang, 1 Wu Fang admin and me. I feel quite extra there but anyway since I was there. I enjoy the food there. 13 more days to my competition. 1 year and 4 more months after this coming competiton and if I didn’t win, I know I will regret. Top 3 will be enough. 1st and 2nd will be better of course ( I got second last year ). I have to win for myself, for the school, for Wu Fang. All the best for Montfort Wushu Team and Wu Fang Wushu’s students.

I was just curious the other day, how I rank for different results and I did a search on Google Singapore ( I support Google as a SE by the way) website and I am very surprise to find out

Guo Hong – 8th results
Mr. Simen Lourds – 1st Result

I rank better on Google for my prinicpal’s name than my own name. Haha. Anyway I don’t object to that. My prinicpal is really a person whom I respect so he should be above me.

Our school had its 8th Inter-house Track & Field Meet 2007 meets on last Friday. We are honoured to have Brothers of St Gabriel from Asia in our meet as well. Despite many problems which occured that day like the rain, we really have had many fun that day. My house, blue house, won.

MinNativ: English Writing Workshop

MinNativ, a project started by the our Gaint Chief, Mr. Simen Lourds, has started already. It was mentioned to our school by Mr. Simen a week after the DOS ( Directors of Schools ) meeting hosted by Montfort. Basicially, it is to improve English Language standard of North Zone schools. Before this project had started, Mr. Simen explained how using internationally accepted English is important yet we still cannot abandon the use of “Singlish”. We need to know when to use the correct form of English at the correct time. This project started with the school signing a “contract” that we agree to take part in this project and afterwhich we have a English Writing Workshop.

Today, my class, 4E2, along with 4A2 and 4A3 attended a English Writing Workshop conducted by Principal, Montfort Secondary School, Mr. Simen Lourds in the school hall from 11pm to roughly 12.30pm.

The workshop is basicially great. We learned about ways to write a good essay. To summarise it in the simplest form. Essay writing is divided into 2 types: Inductive and Deductive and a good Thesis Statement is very important for a good essay or essential I should say. A good conclusion summarising all paragraphs by linking them together is a must as well. I went to do a research and I found this site (Social Reseacrh Methods) which explains what these really are. I will write an essay using this method when I get the chance to ( Maybe on Friday ).

15 more days to my spear event. Seems like I am still not consistent with my spear yet. I was at my top form during December 2006 but it seems like my standard had dropped since then and is still dropping. Lets see what happen tomorrow. Congratulate to Ren Zoe and a few other Wu Fang students winning medals from the Primary category.

Curry Chicken

Just a quick note on what I wrote yesterday, it should be spelt as Jaryl instead of Jared and the undefined Z is called Jun An. đŸ™‚ I did well for my routine today and I screwed up a bit yesterday night at Wu Fang but anyway….

Today, Prinicpal of Montfort Secondary School cooked Chicken Curry in front of the whole school. Most of us get a share of it of course but does anyone ever think why did he do that? I personally like the curry and personally told him about it ( hey, its not easy. ). Maybe a bit too spicy thats all but what comes to your mind when a prinicpal of a school cooking 1400 students-worth of curry for his gaints ( refer to his students )?

What I see in the action is not that Mr. Simen is trying to show off but instead no matter what position you are in, how high you sit, who you are, all of us are equal. He is really trying very hard to create a school of students that really love to come to school to enjoy their studies instead of coming to school and fear what is above them (teachers, HOD, DM etc) but is still disciplined enough to know what is right from wrong. I am not a Catholic myself so I don’t really know the extact story but I promise I will find out more about this. Just 1 day before Jesus died on the cross, he gathered all his disciple and he washed their feet. Isn’t that what you really see today?

I have a friend who feedback to me saying my blog has a serious “look” with all its blog posts like this… haha well my friend, I will try to make them more “fun” đŸ™‚