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Creating your first game on Popfly

Microsoft Popfly (internally codenamed Springfield) is a website that allows users to create web pages, program snippets, and mashups using the Microsoft Silverlight rich internet applications runtime and the set of online tools provided. Popfly is currently in Beta stage of development. It requires users to log in with their Windows Live ID, and provide additional information about themselves when logging in for the first time to use Popfly.

Quoted from | I will be giving a tutorial on how to create a game on popfly. I personally think making a game on popfly all boils down to 3 simple general steps.

1. Ideas
2. Creating the game
3. Tweak the game to make it better

I will be teaching mainly the second stage, the creation of the game. I will pull in some simple functions which most people will be using when they are creating a game on popfly. Without further ado, we will start the fun!

Microsoft Walk the Success Lane & Mash-it-up Awards

On Saturday, Hairiandy, Sunny, Kelvin, Jireh, Kenneth, me and 2 other friends of Kelvin went to Microsoft Walk the Success Lane & Mash-it-up Awards at One Marina Boulevard.

We have the following,

  1. “Microsoft Academic Programs” by Pratibha Kumar, Academic Developer Evangelist.
  2. Bringing Data to Life using Windows Presentation Foundation by Chris Ismael, Developer Evangelist
  3. Get Connected for Life with Social Media! by Jonathan Wong, Web Platform Evangelist
  4. Address by Jessica Tan, Managing Director, Microsoft Singapore
  5. plus some prize giving

It was really a talk that teaches me a lot of things. We then have a small chat with different Microsoft Empolyees and some people I know from MSP interview. The top 3 finalist for Mash It Up! also presented their projects, there is one which I think is really good which is the They got 3rd though but I would say its really good effort put in and they are pretty useful too!

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009

“Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems facing us today.” – Imagine Cup 2009

Just some side information, Silverlight 2.0 is out!
You can view its press release from Microsoft here.

C# Boot Camp ( Part 1)

What is C#? ( Wiki to what is C# )

Anyway it was fun. 3 letters to summarise the whole UX ( User Experience ). Haha

This maybe useful for me in the future.
//This is how to comment in C#
//This is how to make a message box come out, Message.Show
Message.Show("Guo Hong", "Title")

In php, to add things on to a string variable, we do
$des = "Guo Hong is ";
$des .= "handome.";

but in C#,
string des = "Guo Hong is ";
des += "handome.";

Notice the += and .= ?

Haha, hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting! 😀

What Guo Hong has been busy about? (Part 2)

Continuing from where I left off from What Guo Hong has been busy about?

Facebook ads
I will provide more information about this next time. Basically I am playing with the Facebook ads platform and Clickbank.

Learning PHP
Simply the title, i am learning PHP again.

Microsoft Student Partners
I decided to join the MSP ( Microsoft Sudent Partners ) and give it a try. The first round of interview which is held in school is so nervous. 4 people keeps asking you questions and its like so scary. I managed to get into the second round. I am just waiting for them to give me a date to go and have the interview.

National Wushu & Sanshou Championship 2008
To be honest, this happen so rushed and fast. I was busy during that period as well so I didn’t really “care” about the competition. I quite forget what happen, too many things happen at that period. I got 4th losing 0.01 to 3rd. Haha. It was a close fight. Nevertheless, its nice! 😀 Took a few photos that time with friends. Newly-made one or “old” friends. Thats why there is a chinese saying 以武会友 . Its really so true.

Detective Conan
For those who never hear this before, this is also called “Case Closed”. I really love how Conan think who is the murderer. Do find time and watch as it will increase your intelligence!

My to-do list is piling up

-Upgrade the script
-If needed, change the template
-Clear up unused domains in my cPanel
-Clear up unused MySQL in my cPanel
-Check inactive links / update links
-Create 760x 126 banner for MK
-Create Navigation for MK
-Complete Footer for MK
-Setup Microsoft One Note
-Arrange School work properly
-Setup kukublog
-Send email to phparacadescript
-TP Announcement