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I have stepped down my position as Support Staff.

Coincidence, it might be that my ex-manager tag me before I decided to resign from Invisionfree Skinzone as a support staff. Now leaving Astheria to do the job.

I joined SZ on 30-January 05 looking to… do what, I am not sure. I still remember the time when I tried to “spam” to get 500 posts at that time. Posted some weird topics in GC ( You can see them in my history ). Haha. I was then elite’d on Sep 20 2005, roughly 8 months after I join due to the amount of effort I put in to the support forum. After just 3 months on Dec 25 2005, I received a pm from Aaron asking if I wish to be Support Staff on the forum. I am not sure if I should at that point of time. I even told MasterG that I may reject it. I am not sure what really happened but I decided to take on the challenge.

During my stay as support staff from Dec 25 2005 to Jun 01 2007 which is about 1 year and 6 months. I have seen the support forum grow and change. Although the system is still almost the same. Modification being taken down then later up. Skinning Install being moved to Ticket system.

But during my last 3 months of stay as a Support stay, I wasn’t much active anymore. It may be because the lost of dedication and trying to take the easy way out by avoiding problems I am facing right now. I actually had already decided to quit since then but because Andrew’s inactiveness. I decided to stay on to help catfriedrice and Nitrogenix. Andrew left, cfr resigned and Nitrogenix gone and now its me. I agree that we may not have the best combos that SZ Support ever had but we are doing our very best to assist users of Invisionfree. Well, lets stop these serious stuffs.

I was a noob last time, you can see it here

Oh… my referal topic not closed haha

Done Reverse Interview 5 and 6 but it was lost in the process during the server crash.

Remember the first IF Scare Zone that Trav-Man made, glad that I can be part of it to assist him in the coming up of ideas ( though most part goes to him )

Lastly, all the best SZ. 😀

Celebrating 10,000 posts at IFSZ

Today on IFSZ, I have achieved my 10,000 total post count which is 0.30% of the forum’s total number of posts, not really a lot but it is a landmark nevertheless. I joined IFSZ on the 30-January 05 and have been contributing to Support and the Community since then but slowly I only focus on Support since I am not really a community-type person. I cannot really skin and do graphics at that time so I didn’t consider them in the first place. Before joining IFSZ, I have prior knowledge of HTML and this has certainly help me in my area. I am made Elite on the Sep 20 2005, 05:50 AM ( which is about 2 years ago ) and promoted to Invisionfree Support Staff of IFSZ on Dec 25 2005 ( 3 months after my promotion to Elite ). Since then, I have been contributing to the IFSZ ‘s Support. I have seen its growth since then. Additional of Modification Support, changes to the Skinning Assistance Area. A lot and a lot and slowly, we were tasked to “take care” of the Modification Database as well but we don’t really have to do anything. Being staffs at IFSZ had also made me learn how to make graphics and more advanced php technique.

catfriedrice had been my Manager at that point of time along with MasterG( Known as Meltdown now) and Ryan Fan (Known as Nitrogenix now). MasterG then later retired and soon -Metamorphosis (Known as Andrew now) is promoted to Support staff but things aren’t in the favour of the support staffs during this year. catfriedrice and Andrew both retired, one following another and we see a large decline in support after that. Luckily, Astheria had moved over from Skin Staff to Support Staff and helped us in one of our weakest area, Skinning Support. Due to the fact that my English is not as good as most staffs in the forum, I tend to stay away from the some sections and most of the time my English Language’s capability had made me not confident. If without catfriedrice and other support staffs who helped me along the way, I couldn’t have come so far. These are the guys who really take me through thick and thins.

In no order… ( I do not wish to post a shoutout as I do not see any meaning to it at this moment.)


Guo Hong

Bye catfriedrice

My Manager, Daniel, commonly known as catfriedirce, at Invisionfree Skin Zone had retired officially on the 5th of April 2007. After serving for Skin Zone for more than 2 years in Support and a few other aspect of SZ inclduing PYF, he decided to leave.

Today marks the day of the lost of a good Manager. I quote what Lucas said, “our only and best manager.” IF Support of IFSZ will remember this day. Me, Lucas and Andrew will continue to work hard on Support even without you. Thanks for leading us through the years. Without you, me and Lucas will not be what we are today. Stay happy in life. May god bless you.