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Never underestimate the power of blog

Whatever you put in your blog, you will not know who is looking at.

Blogging this from school, at Tampines, later going to Jurong.
Haiz, from Hougang to Tampines to Jurong and back to Hougang. Will be spending more than 4 hours TRAVELLING TODAY. ­čÖü Who want to pei me in Jurong later? ­čÖü A LONG LONG DAY. =(

Still have to go school tomorrow for meeting then going Microsoft to play with something damn cool. :O Damn excited.

Amath + Biology = Dead

Tomorrow is A.Math and Biology….ARRR


God saw me hungry, he created Pizza.
God saw me thirsty, he created Pepsi.
God saw me without problems, he created YOU

haha, guess who I steal this from?

umm,I am changing the game page to my resume page

Spear da oral

Wow, my family and I had a hard time taking out the spear head from the broken cudgel. Coach Xue put 5 ball bearings inside to my surprise yet the sound of the spear isn’t very great. Some ideas on how to take out the spearhead which I did. The most effective one i think is burning the word using fire. Fixing it into my new cudgel tomorrow.

My blog’s quote was “screened” at assembly today for the school appreciation day. Haha.

Jiayo for my “O” level Chinese Oral tomorrow!!!

Biology Paper is surprisingly easy but…

I said yesterday on this post that I am scared of Biology, or did I? Anyway I always fear of Biology…. always but Mr. Ho is a good teacher, don’t be mistaken.

When I was checking the page number, the feeling of the paper is that it is easy and when I do, it confirms my feeling. It was easy but thinking about it now, I am scared that I made stupid mistakes like I always did in simple paper. Those difficult paper during MYE or EOY, I will always pass by a margin like my A.Math got 50% for both 06’s MYE and EOY but easy paper and the one which I was most confident with only with 32%.

Last year, after our Math’s paper, I told Ibrahim that it is really easy and I take 32% in the end? Oh dear…. This time, I told Mr. Ho that its easy… Will I not even pass the paper? Lets wait for the result.

Math and Chinese 2 tomorrow!

I just installed WordPress Gallery 2 on my blog with a few plugin like Imageblock and Imageframe. It was a nightmare, due to the fact I was using Sidebar Widgets Plugin, I have a lot of problems putting what you see at the top right hand in the right navigation now. First it will not appear the next it appear but its not what is suppose to look it and next it messed up my whole blog. I took a long time to make it what you see right now. I am forced into changing the php thing. Its not easy as putting a php print function because of Sidebar Widgets.

Moral of story: Never use Sidebar Widget and Gallery 2 together if you want picture to appear on Sidebar.

Next, if you click on the image, that page is messed up. I will use some time tomorrow to edit the code after I studied A.Math and finish watching the the discs I bought from They just arrived together but the casing were all cracked but nevertheless the disc is perfectly fine. When I get back my money which someone scam me, I am going to order posters and more discs. I saw a domain I like to be used for the sub-site of that wushu site I am talking about but the .com is taken. Should I register the .net and the rest? I shall think about it.

Guo Hong


I shall make some layout changes to my blog and play with Sidebar Widget and Event Calender tomorrow or the day after.