NUS MA1312 Calculus with Applications tips

Just ended my year 2 semester 2 and one of the most difficult module I took this semester is MA1312 in NUS taught by Professor Ng Wee Seng. Sharing with my audience here some quick tips:

For the record, I took Prof Ng Wee Seng MA1312 in AY1415 Sem2.
This is his syllabus.
Chapter 0 : Precalculus
Chapter 1 : Limits & Continuity
Chapter 2 : Derivatives
Chapter 3 : Applications of Derivatives I
Chapter 4 : Applications of Derivatives II
Chapter 5 : Integrals I
Chapter 6 : Integrals II
Chapter 7 : Applications of Integrals I
Chapter 8 : Applications of Integrals II

We had our first term test in week 8 covering chapter 0 to 2 and our final exam from chapter 3 to 8. For those who fail his midterms, he has given the students who fail a “second chance” by re-taking another paper before the final exam but with the condition of MAX(Your score, 25). 50 was the full marks. 38 was the median score with 144 students in the cohort.

As you should have notice, Derivatives and Integrals are the 2 main supporting pillars which will cover most of the chapters so better brush up on the basics on that if you plan to study MA1312 before the semester start.

If you are looking for a good “cheat sheet” to use, Jie Bo from NUS SoC had kindly share his resources online with us on public domain. You can view it here:

Differentiation Cheat Sheet
Integration Cheat Sheet

Jie Bo’s comment on the module is that

The hardest module I studied for in NUS because I really really wanted to do well for it. I downloaded 3 different testbooks suggested on IVLE and attempted most of the questions. The Prof is fantastic, very passionate about the topic. He will also prepare his revision packages with solutions for you. Do those and you should be able to secure at least a B/B+.

If you are an NUS student and need any notes for this module from me, please feel free to send me an email on [email protected]


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