Gmail – Not receiving email you sent to “yourself”

Recently, I was trying to send some email with gmail to a group(whom I am one of the receiptant as well) but for some unknown reason then, I am not receiving the email that I sent out. I thought it didn’t get sent out so I resent again (this process repeated for 3-4 times)

Did a quick search, i realised its because of the decision that Google made on how this should work. Personally find it weird though.

Posting here, just in case anyone needs help.

When you send mail to any group or mailing list you subscribe to, Gmail automatically skips your inbox and archives the message to save you time and prevent clutter. The message will appear in your inbox if someone responds to it or if there is an error delivering the message. If you’d like to view your message, you can find it in Sent Mail or All Mail.