On 2nd August 2011, I became Full Time National Servicemen ( NSF ). I went to Pulau Tekong, Leopard Company. I was in Leopard Company, Platoon 1, Section 4.

Due to my knee injury which happened 2 years ago ( ACL injury | Recovery process of my ACL ), I am in PES C2L2 ( What is C2L2? | What is PES? ). My training in P.Tekong is much easier than the rest ( comparing to PES A/B intake ) and we are given a good basic military training. Training us to be soldiers, defenders of our country, protectors of our land.

I made a bunch of awesome brothers there. I will never forget them even though we are only together for 1 month. I had a 19 days confinement in there and we undergo training, stress, field camp and lots of different experiences one can ever imagine in there together. Helping one another to ensure we complete our respective task as a team. The feeling is really awesome. We were both mentally and physically trained.

I have very good platoon commander, platoon sergeant and section commander whom are very understanding to our needs while ensuring they made us into “man”. Thank you.

I have left P.Tekong Leopard company on 2nd September 2011 and is going embark on a whole new experience in AFTC. In 5 weeks’ time, I would have completed my BMT.

To all my awesome brothers in Leopard Company ’03/11, all the best to your training in respective locations. We will meet again.