Graduated from Temasek Polytechnic

I finally graduated from Temasek Polytechnic. I am proud to say that I now have a Diploma in Information Technology from Temasek Polytechnic, School of Informatics and Information Technology.

These 3 years in my life had been an exciting and interesting one. I joined the Microsoft Student Community, OCIP, Special Interest Group (IT), Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010, codeXtremeApps 2010, Microsoft Office Specialist, Diploma Plus Programme and more. I have graduated with more than just a diploma. This unique experience which TP had provided me had allowed me to be well-trained, well-equipped with the correct skillset and prepared for the industry. Without the help, support from the faculty staff of TP and friends, i certainly will not enjoy this trip as much I did.

We went to Cambodia and complete our Overseas community involvement programme, have an understanding on what it is all about to be a global citizen. I participate in Microsoft Imagine Cup with my team and stayed back in our lab trying to “perfect” our application. We went to SMU and compete in codeXtremeApps and stay awake for 24 hours trying to complete our submission. We helped each other when we need help in certain assignments and many more… these memories are so painful. 😡 Though painful but i learnt. I was stretched to the limit. I knew i grew each time i complete the challenge, i can feel it. If i didn’t took up all these opportunity which TP had presented to me, i wouldnt be the Guo Hong I am today.

I will like to thank all my friends and mentors whom i made in TP!
In no order,
-Mr. Yeak Shaw Wen
-Mr. Oh Chin Lock
-Miss Hannah
-Miss Sandra
-Mr Jason
-C195, Debbie, Wei Hao, Zhi Qiang, Alex, Kang Long, Jesal, Pong, Hariandy, Agustian, Wee How, Chun Kai, Brandon, Chee Boon, Ji Zhou, Fina, Li Hua, Sunny
-C195 friends, Cindy, Eriko, John, Alisha, Wei Jie, Da Jie
-Tutorial mates

Thank you. Without you, the experience at TP wouldnt be complete. Really~ THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and THANK YOU C195!!! =)

Jonah, Lup Peng, Alvin, D, Yang Lin, Jireh, Kelvin, Bee Siew, Kenneth, Kiat Siang, Rachel, Yun Ting, Kyzer, Kim, Eric, Don

I have learnt alot and benefited much from this program. Its my honour to be in this team and leading this team during one of the FYs. Certainly there are ups and downs but we will still move together as a team bringing the best technology to the faculty so it can benefit the students! This is an awesome team. It makes my life in Temasek Polytechnic so unqiue and special! Thank you MSP community.

Lastly, my parents, Jasper, Beverly, Ren Zoe, Ryan, Leying, brothers and sisters, uncle Daniel and auntie Serene and auntie Trish. THANK YOU for being around me when I am low. ( I know sometimes i doesnt seems low. ) It meant alot to me.

As this chapter ends, it also signifies the opening of the next chapter. I have been accepted by National University of Singapore! After my 2 years National Service, I will be going to NUS to persuade my degree in Information System. I wish best of luck to all my friends of Temasek Polytechnic to all our different endeavors and may we not forget each other and the never say die spirit of C195. 🙂

Once again, congratulation to all graduands of 2011 TP cohort. Congratulation to Debbie for making us proud and awarded the Silver Medal. Congratulate to C195 which has more than 1/3 students in DWM!

I am leaving you with this,
Someone said this to me when I was in year 2, he reminded me on what I have been believing in, “Age Quod Agis”.

p.s: I understand that this is a wordy post. I will update pictures when I have more time and when i get them. 🙂