code::XtremeApps: 2011

The codeXtremeApps competition is back again in 2011!

They are going to have their launch at SMU! Go and register if you are interested!! I joined last year, you can see some of the blogpost written about the competition here :


Time Title Presentation
14:30-15:00 Registration and Refreshment
15:00-15:10 Opening Addreess

by Ms Tham Ai Chyn, Deputy Chairman, ITSC

15:10-15:40 Code::XtremeApps:: Junior Category – What Is It?

by Dr Bimlesh Wadha, Chair, code::XtremeApps:: Junior Category Subcommittee

15:40-15:55 Code::XtremeApps:: Open Category – What Is It?

by Dr Benjamin Gan, Co-Chair, code::XtremeApps:: Open Category Subcommittee

15:55-16:10 HTML5 and code::XtremeApps:: What Is It To Me?

by Mr Low Chin Chau, Chief Technical Officer, Unifinity Pte Ltd

16:10-16:25 How To Prepare For code::XtremeApps:: Competition – The Big Clue


16:25-17:00 Q & A

Some pictures!