Windows 7

Windows 7

Before I start my LONG post on Windows 7 at this late hour ( 4.10am ), this are the information you might want to know

– Did clean install on a partition which previously has Windows 7, build 7077
– Installing Windows 7, build 7100 ( RC1 )
-This is my computer specs,
250gb space
4gb ram
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40 GHz processor
I am installing a 32 bit version of build 7100.

This is not my first time installing Windows 7 on my laptop.
The experience was really great! Let me tell you it took me how long to install the windows. Only 36 minutes and 37 seconds.

This is the breakdown timing of my installation

00.00.00 – On computer with installation disc in drive
00.59.46 – Loading File
01.39.58 – Starting Windows – Set Up
02.32.40 – Installing Windows
17.57.50 – 4/5 Installation completed, Computer restart
19.35.51 – Starting Service
32.15.07 – Installation completed, Computer restart
33.22.51 – Preparing for the first time use
34.09.62 – Set Up
36.37.61 – First Boot into Windows 7

It only took me 36 minutes. 36 minutes 37.61 seconds to be extact. I mean, wow…. its only 36 minutes and whats more, I did not had any big issues when installing the OS.

Most of my readers are not very technical person so some of you might be asking what is Windows 7? Basically, it is a new Operating System. It is the next one after Windows Vista. ­čÖé

What are the differences?
I am unable to tell you ALL the differences between its really a big advancement especially in speed. The speed of the OS is really good!

Pictures speak more than a thousand words. Have a look. ­čÖé

The first screen you will see after your installation.

See mini screen capture of the running program and be able to navigate to it. You don’t have to worry about spending time to find your lost tabs.

Bottom right of the page is show desktop. Upon hovering over it, you can see what the desktop is like. Likewise for the mini screen capture, upon hovering over it, you can see what the program is like.

Shortcuts to functions of a program and even links to the frequently visited page.

Does this look like paint? Yes, it is paint!

Dock your windows. Its easier for you to compare two documents now. Instead of spending 30 seconds of your life trying to resize 2 document windows so that you can compare. You just have to drag the windows to the extreme sides to make it dock. ( Like the image above )

Moving from GUI to NUI ( Natural User Interface ). You can use your hand and write to communicate with your computer.

Customize your Notification Area ( What you see at the bottom right ) now!

Did I mention that I am using Windows 7 for most of my work and school work?

I am very excited!!! Later, I will be going to watch a Imagine Cup’s presentation and award ceremony and one of the agenda is ……

by MATTHEW Hardman! Cool guy, met up with him in MIC when we are recording the Live@Edu video. I happen to bring my brother, MATTHEW Lim there and yea. They are playing Guitar Hero together. A working guy and a young boy.. weird combo but yeah! ^.^

Go and try it out!

Will be posting more soon. Kinda late. Time to sleep, need to rush some school’s project later in the day and finally meet up with all the MSPs. Long time since we met as a team at Microsoft, eh HAHA. I wonder if I will get the chance to talk to Neng Giin, some things I need to ask him. Umm.