Who needs more care?

For some of you who are closer to me, you should know I am very very sick the last few days. Thanks for your concern, I am much better now. The night before, I think I got food poisoning, keep vomiting and suddenly my calfs and hands cramp fo 4-5 hours… like “yang dian feng”… siao one la.. heng matthew not staying at my house that day, if not he will go siao. if you around to see i like that, you will be scared to death. My mother wanted to call 995 but dunno why in the end didn’t.

then feel pretty weak even until now… 3 days liao… low blood pressure. Didn’t go school for 2 days liao.

After I went to the interoperability day by Microsoft today, i went back home and realise my mother not at home. I was lazy to bring my keys out. LOL.called her then she said she will rushed back then i waiting at my void deck. When i was waiting, i feel very xin ku because i have alot problem breathing then i see her come back from opp my house from NTUC…she was quite “small” because she was quite far away but i know its her from her umberalla and shirt then i see her, dunno la.. hair white white then walk abit like also breathless.. i was thinking she need more care than me or i need more care than her. That day during my whole body cramp. they are taking good care of me and they never sleep for the whole night.. of cos they cant sleep. LOL I was so noisy. LOL. well, they are old 57 and 59…. how long will they still be around… sia la.. i scare i emo again… LOOOLL