Outing + Birthday

My injury was getting alittle bit better on Saturday morning when I woke up. Guarded my leg very securely so I can begin my day. Went to teach wushu at Henry Park Primary then to Wufang. I discover that my class at Henry Park are getting better and better. Feeling glad. 😀 Taught a few new stuffs to my Wufang students as well. 😀

Went to find Matthew, Jun An, Si Pei, Jia Jun, Adalia and one of Si Pei’s friend at Sentosa then slack there for a while. Went to Vivo City, walked around super long to find the donut shop for Matthew. I walked the wrong way a few times. HAHA. Then we settled down at Long John Silver to eat. MRT’ed to Kembangan while the rest (Matthew, Si Pei, Si Pei’s friend, Jun An) alighted at Eunos. They went to ECP while I went to Beverly’s house. Beverly has alot of friends in the house. 😮 Jasper was there already. Saw Yi Ming and Fang Jie and talked to them abit. Some of Beverly’s friends are playing the swimming pool.

Me and Jasper talked with Wayne ( who I didn’t know is already Secondary 1 AND live so near me AND studied in a school super near to me ) and Leon. 2 nice guys. Leon is very cute. Me and Jasper then went to the playground and talked. Stayed there till around 8-9pm then we went back.

Went to Eunos to send Jasper back. At first want to go back home liao because my leg getting a bit more pain but I think since ECP so near, Jun An cabbed down to find me to withraw money then we cabbed back to ECP. 😛 Met the rest at ECP’s mac area and they are deciding where to eat for quite long. But end up still eat at MAC.. LOL Crap abit and we decided to find LAN so walked around but no LAN so we landed up in BK and talk crap……..

Forgot what happen liao but we walk around and yea talk alot of crap and Matthew fell asleep at the beach, wanted to sleep as well but cant sleep. o.o” Waited for Sunrise but cant see it. Don’t know is it we waited at the wrong area anot.

In the morning, took a bus to City Hall and ate breakfast and yea.. we went back home.. Matthew keep persauding me to play LAN….Actually I wanted to play LAN one.. if Matthew persaude me more………., I might want to play but too bad, he didn’t. 😛