Alex Ng Jun Hong

How honoured he should be! Haha, getting a name for the title on my blog! Just joking! HAHA

I guess, today was a long day for us C195. Celebrating Alex’s birthday. His 18 years old birthday.

Me and Hairiandy went to meet Augustian at Swendson after we went to find Yang Lin at Marina Square. We wrote the card for Alex and walked around. I went to Royal Sporting House and bought a shirt after that. Woohoo, i think its nice but Kang Long commented that it looks like swimming suite.. =.=”

10 of us were there, Wei Hao, Augustian, Kang Long, Chee Boon, Zhi Qiang, Hairiandy, Fina, Alex, wee how and of course me. 7 of us ordered Chicken Baked Rice. HAHA. I guessed we stunt the waiter? We ordered the Orea White Ice cream Cake. Its nice!!! =)

Went to pool abit, me and Wei Hao VS Augustian and Kang Long VS Chee Boon and Alex. Haha, we were winning and ended up we lose, thanks to me. 😀 Haha, I just remembered we won 5 games. Went home at around 11.+pm

Happy Birthday Alex!