Creating your first game on Popfly

Microsoft Popfly (internally codenamed Springfield) is a website that allows users to create web pages, program snippets, and mashups using the Microsoft Silverlight rich internet applications runtime and the set of online tools provided. Popfly is currently in Beta stage of development. It requires users to log in with their Windows Live ID, and provide additional information about themselves when logging in for the first time to use Popfly.

Quoted from | I will be giving a tutorial on how to create a game on popfly. I personally think making a game on popfly all boils down to 3 simple general steps.

1. Ideas
2. Creating the game
3. Tweak the game to make it better

I will be teaching mainly the second stage, the creation of the game. I will pull in some simple functions which most people will be using when they are creating a game on popfly. Without further ado, we will start the fun!

This will be a very simple game, there will have a few different-colour apples ( red, green and purple ). Players are supposed to push the apple into the respective colored boxes to gain points.

Creating of the games:
1. Go to

2. Choose “Create a Game”

3. Lets create a game from scratch ( Author note: You can actually start with a template next time and see how it actually works. It will be pretty useful for your learning. )

4. On the top left hand concer, make sure Actors is chosen.
Actors are what “figures” you will be using in your game.

5. Using that search bar, lets search for 1 “dog”, 2 “apples” and 2 “bricks” of the same colour as the apples.

Basicially you have added all the “actors” needed to have to start this game but a game will be meaningless if the figure just stand there and do nothing. Lets edit the behaviour of the different actor.

6. Click on the dog on the selected actor panel.

7. Lets edit the behaviour, click on the behaviours button on th left.

8. Popfly is cool enough to actually add some common shortcuts and which one of them we will be using it. Choose it on the top right.

You should see something like this.

9. You can actually play with other features that popfly offer and change how the actor ( dog ) works.

10. Lets do the same for the apple.

11. Do the follow setting

12. Do the same for the green apple.

We have completed all the actors setting. Lets move to the scene setting.

13. Arrange the items to be something like the follow.

14. Click on Behaviors > Property > Events > Collision

15. Click on Behaviors > Property > Events > Score

Do it for both the green and red apple.

16. Click on Behaviors > Scene > Event

17. Click on Behaviors > Scene > Scene (Won)

Thinking points:

  1. Changing the scene ( Intro, Main, Won, Lost, How to Play )
  2. Adding other scenes
  3. Make a shooting game
  4. Try other features on Popfly

This is a very simple tutorial on how to create your first game on popfly. I am quite a “newbie” in creating tutorial but I hope it helps, I will keep on editting and updating it whenever i find that it is not good. You can actually find more information under