What Guo Hong has been busy about? (Part 2)

Continuing from where I left off from What Guo Hong has been busy about?

Facebook ads
I will provide more information about this next time. Basically I am playing with the Facebook ads platform and Clickbank.

Learning PHP
Simply the title, i am learning PHP again.

Microsoft Student Partners
I decided to join the MSP ( Microsoft Sudent Partners ) and give it a try. The first round of interview which is held in school is so nervous. 4 people keeps asking you questions and its like so scary. I managed to get into the second round. I am just waiting for them to give me a date to go and have the interview.

National Wushu & Sanshou Championship 2008
To be honest, this happen so rushed and fast. I was busy during that period as well so I didn’t really “care” about the competition. I quite forget what happen, too many things happen at that period. I got 4th losing 0.01 to 3rd. Haha. It was a close fight. Nevertheless, its nice! 😀 Took a few photos that time with friends. Newly-made one or “old” friends. Thats why there is a chinese saying 以武会友 . Its really so true.

Detective Conan
For those who never hear this before, this is also called “Case Closed”. I really love how Conan think who is the murderer. Do find time and watch as it will increase your intelligence!

My to-do list is piling up

-Upgrade the script
-If needed, change the template
-Clear up unused domains in my cPanel
-Clear up unused MySQL in my cPanel
-Check inactive links / update links
-Create 760x 126 banner for MK
-Create Navigation for MK
-Complete Footer for MK
-Setup Microsoft One Note
-Arrange School work properly
-Setup kukublog
-Send email to phparacadescript
-TP Announcement