What Guo Hong has been busy about?

Has promised again and again that I will keep my blog alive, it seems like I break my promise again and again. Anyway, lets promise my viewer one more time. I will be active this time round. (Lets pray hard for it)

Normally I dont blog about websites or projects I do for people but I guess this is one of the most meaningful one I have seen. Tap-A-Thon. A project initiated by students of NTU. I created the website for them as Chang Heng said he needed my help. I didn’t really have time that time so I created a simple one for them. They open up booths and terminal at Orchard Road and people can tap their ez-link card at $2 off per tap basis. Whatever amount they collect goes to the SPMF and the amount they collect will also go into the Singapore Guiness Record for the most amount of taps using ez-link card for charitable cause.

Wushu @ HPPS
Started teaching wushu at Henry Park Primary School and I guess today is their 10th lesson already. 1 term over. 1 more lesson at 8am, in 6 hours time. The kids there are really cute and nice. They are more obedient than students I had taught before. Hope can continuing teaching them and the time not crash with my school timetable. Will post up more about this soon!

Results for Sem 1.1
Got the sms from the poly that morning, that fateful morning. LOL. My result for this semester

GPA: 3.81

Facebook madness
I created the Wufang Wushu Academy Group since my coach has been telling me about it and I wanted to open one as well to try out the group features of facebook. Not too bad and it seems like we have abit madness going on. A lot Wufang coaches and students and now playing with facebook. Haha! Do join and support us as well!

Google Chrome
Have been playing with Google Chrome too. Their user interface is quite nice. I can’t find a lot of features that I frequently use on Firefox. I may be just too lazy to find it though and of yea, it took me at least 3 minutes to find how to bookmark on Google Chrome. Other than that, its good! It may be useful when school reopen when I can use one browser at home and one in school. No need to keep changing the browser setting.

Things to do:
-Upgrade the script
-If needed, change the template
-Clear up unused domains in my cPanel
-Clear up unused MySQL in my cPanel
-Check inactive links / update links

I will post up another 5 things I have been busy with tomorrow. Stay close to my blog. 😀