Shen Zhen / Hong Kong trip ( Part 2 )

Day 3
2nd day of training in Shen Zhen and this is the first day we saw the Shen Zhen Ti Gong’s wushu team. We were informed that we are unable to use all their carpet because The Shen Zhen’s team is coming to train on Monday. ( Only on Monday ). We didn’t have our morning run though and we took taxi to the training ground. I still remember, Coach Zhou and her team was the first to take taxi there and Coach Xue with us are the last team yet we are the first team to arrive there while Coach Zhou was the last team to arrive. This is the first time we see them training. They have a 11 year old girl.. She does Nan Quan and she is doing well for her age. We were all quite amazed by what she can do. Had our morning training and had a VERY VERY VERY bad lunch. It just sucks.. Had our second training in the afternoon before we return back. I remember we were playing soccer as to warm up ourself.

Day 4
3rd Day of training in Shen Zhen. We resume our morning run because we are so restless during breakfast yesterday. The run seems like shorter and the weather not as cold anymore. Perhaps, we have already get used to the weather. We only have one training today and I remember the training was quite bad because we were really too tired already. In the afternoon, we went back to hotel to have a rest while some went elsewhere. We then went to “Dong Men” at night. It was so cold there at night. I bought some keychains, shoes and handphone thingy. We have had a good night sleep.