Year 2008 is here.

Welcome to year 2008… although i am 1 day late.

Lets see whats I have when I was in year 2007.

I established my blog on 11th March on 2007. It was after much struggle with myself as I am unsure if I could maintain my postage activity but I decided to take the risk. If you ask me did i manage to maintain the activity?

169 posts/pages postage in 295

Thats about 1 posts/ pages every 2 days… Not bad I guess.

I am appointed chairman when I was Secondary 4 after I was a monitor of the class when I was P4 or P3…This surprises came in January.

In February, I heard another shocking news which made my class sad. Miss Chai is leaving… When we were told, I still remember that the whole class is very quiet… Unusually quiet.

Our beloved teacher who teached us A.math and Math left for Singapore Hong Kong international school in March. We go through a lot of trouble to organise a party for her.. including smsing Mr. Simen Lourds.

On April, I had my interschool wushu championship. Got a bronze in my spear losing to Hong Ming and Shijie. It was a good fight. I wasn’t good at that time. I got silver last time in the same division and event. I also resign from IFSZ. The place I worked more than 1 year. It was so sad.

Nothing much happen in the month of May, maybe except it is my good good good brother, Hong Wei’s birthday? Haha.

In June, it is the school holiday and it is the start of preparing for our Prelim.. I slacked and instead of studying I went to wufang to train.. to prepare for 2007 National Wushu Championship. Clever, isn’t it?

In July, I had the best surprise in my life. Ever since my auntie died when I was P4. No one ever celebrated birthday for me. The training that day was just as normal.. except that when I step into wufang.. There are bags but no people. Surprises came when Jaryl throw a waterbomb at me.. ( Thanks Jaryl… ). I was touched. Thanks all.

In August, we had the National Wushu Championship. I had the trouble of representing wufang or school… Anyway, I did not win anything but a 6th. Thats sad. Hao Meng, Jaryl and the rest won. Good job guys.

September, isn’t a good month. Preparation of prelim started and if I am not wrong, actually, we were having prelim at this time. Haha.. Look at my face, do you think I am those that will study? ( Background reply: Yes….) I didn’t study anyway.. Me and Jun Hao were like slacking all the way. Haha..

I stop my wushu training during October, the feeling was very bad.. it is like you quit smoking. Anyway I really started studying now…

November was the month of death. Why? O level month. It was just a boring month.

December was full of fun. I go to wufang and went out with people that I like going out with. We have a lot of fun and “trouble”… Those people will know what i mean if you read this.. but I had my firs countdown “party”. Watched my 3rd movie in life… somemore is midnight movie.

If you ask what I want for 2008? I am still thinking…