Wushu Chalet at National Service Resort & Country Club

Recently, parents from Wufang Wushu Academy have organized a chalet. Well, of course I went there….

I met up with Hao Meng and went to City Hall to eat and meet up with Iman. After that, we went back to Seragoon to find Jaryl… Wah we waited form 6pm to 7pm.. Haha. Then we cab’ed down to the National Service Resort and Country Club.

When we reached there, it was already full of people then we ate a bit then Iman, Hao Meng, Jaryl, Jun An, Yao De and me went to play pool. Wah, we damn suay or what la.. the pool ball like cannot come out… for a long time.. Never Mind lor. Haha, me and yao De then later got the table changed then we play… woohoo… I lost to Yao De. We got all the balls cleared but lost to him by the last ball. Yao De then went back leaving us to play the Bowling, we can only play 1 game as they are closing.

We went back to that place and me and Hao Meng later send Iman out while the rest stay to watch SEA games recap. We then went back to watch movies… =.=. Then the rest prepared to get to bed while me Jaryl and Hao Meng went to bathe… later when we are done, they are able to get to sleep. when they are about to sleep, we started to…. eat. =.= Haha, me and Jaryl was like playing in the kitchen trying to figure out how to cook the curry, its like sticky sticky de…. Almost use the wrong plug… woo…. then ate liao, we told told by one of the mums that she have to lock the doors as there are dogs lurking around. Later she went up to sleep, Jaryl and Jun An, for don’t know what reason, went out and look. Then Jaryl came running in said really got dog.. Haha… then we decided to talk about dogs’ stories… =.=

In the late night, we decided to go for a walk outside the chalet. While walking, we saw quite a few gods, hey thats scary later then we went back into the chalet. We started to play “dye-tee” , finally i know how to play. =.=. First time playing it then “Bun-Luk” they play 1 cup of vodka, everytime they lost… except that I don’t have to drink as I can’t drink due to my medication reason. Jaryl was damn heng at first lor, no need to drink then when we change, he keep losing. Later they play “guess-fist”. then Jaryl and Hao Meng like siao liao la… keep losing and keep drinking… then we sian liao.. decided to chat.



Jun An fell asleep wor… Hao Meng was in the Kitchen and Jaryl asked me if I have anything smelly or what? we didn’t find any but found cut chilli. Haha, we make him smell it but he didn’t wake up.. then they put some “things” near his nose and he still haven’t wake up. Decided to put chilli ON his lips then we keep “missing” and finally… one touches it… he woke up. eh… heavy sleeper lor… then we have a singing session by our 2 singers… at 6-7 am… Thank you and watched Fearless when Hao Meng fall asleep. later when it ended… me, Jaryl and Jun An also fall asleep. I sleep on a chair where it is so uncomfortable… later i was awaken by something then saw Wayne’s father asking me to sleep on his bed.. I rejected and continue to sleep… and woke up again. They told us to sleep at the second floor and the 3 brothers had woke up. Hao Meng and Jaryl went up to sleep while I decided to stay to watch aargon… then dunno why I fell asleep again then I heard that they wanted to go out and swim… I went up to sleep with Jaryl and Hao Meng… ( Sorry this paragraph damn boring cause I dunno what happen, I was half-awaken only. ).

When we woke up, they are not back yet… we went to bathe again except Jun An again… eee…lol… then soon they came back. when they came back we went out to play bowling and arcade.. 2 games of bowling.. my score isn’t too bad… haha… at least i wasn’t last for all 3 games. then we went to play arcade… I play with Jaryl that gun game and soon we went back.

We went out to the beach for a walk and throw stones… Jaryl wrote something very meaning and I hope it will happen one day. Later they went for a swim while me and Jun An went to look “after” them. Me and Jaryl then went into the “Sona”… woohoo, its damn misty and quite hard to breathe but ok la. When we went back, we ate again then went back home.

Jaryl’s father drive us to Clementi MRT then drop all of us down and he drive Jaryl back… “fei hua” then me and Hao Meng had a 15 mins walk to find the bustop haha.

My post is quite boring, eh.. lol