Things to be done

Woke up at 8am this morning by a sms…. suppose to wake up at 8.30am. I lost a precious 30 minutes sleep… haha but that sms allows me to sleep 4 hours more. ­čśŤ


Lets see….

1. Complete my aims on the right side… ( Thats a lot. )
2. Complete 3 tutorial sites with 3 templates. ( html / css / javascript )
3. Sell my current 2 proxies and make another 3.
4. Complete my online-zip website.
5. Complete my image hosting website.
6. Complete my Naruto Manga website.
7. Start on Naruto Anime website. < I have to think carefully and plan about this. 8. Redesign and host Montfort Wushu Team website on blogspot. 9. Redesign wudi's website. 10. Redesign my company's web. 11. Make all my website xhtml/css validated. 12. Edit the rest of old Montfort's pictures and pass to Lloyd Yeo. Thats alot.... Advanced CSS trick
This is clever.