Undone Business

I have some undone things to do before I want to leave Montfort Secondary School without any “worries”.
– Some things that I did not finished for Mr. Loyl Yeo yet. (Need to dig up where I save the files,ha)
– Some more suggestions for Montfort Secondary School


On the other hand, I just had the Science Practical yesterday. It was pretty easy. It took me a few times to get the gas for the second question which is carbon dioxide.

Stupid Zinc Carbonate made me think I get the “Carbonate” part wrong, I tried to do all the Anion Test but there isn’t Lead(II) Nitrate provided for me to test for Iodide. I also forget how to do the K2Cr2O7 test.

Biology part is feakingly easy, it can be considered theory paper? Haha There is only like 2 marks worth of practical to do… Write their main differences. I am not sure if I could get my drawing for the oxygen absorber correct… Luckily I went to learn and remember the structure of the flowers, haha. Just before the last minute of my paper, I discover one careless mistake on my part.. They gave me the unit mm yet I went to write 7.1cm there.