I truly respect…

I truly respect…Jack Neo ( 梁智强) 新加坡著名电影人, a famous director in Singapore who has produce of good movies like I Not Stupid, I Not Stupid 2, Money Not Enough.

A lot of directors/people in Singapore said that Singapore Movies cannot gain its audience overseas (冲向海外). This may be a fact but people who says this never do anything to change the situation but take a look at Jack Neo, he tried again and again to make his movie known in other countries. I truly respect his effort. Yes, it may be 1 man effort and lets see ….. 1 out of 4 million Singapore total population. Take a look on his blog post here. He tried and failed, tried and failed until he finally succeeded. I am not generalizing all people but lets be proud that we have a “Made in Singapore” product and not when your in Singapore, you say that the movie is good and great (following the trend / 有牛学牛, 有羊学羊, 哈哈) but when you go overseas, you said this movie sucks or whatsoever. You must be proud of the “Made in Singapore”

I truly respect you.