The A & B logic part 2

Lets see. People are telling me I do not make sense in my previous post regarding A and B logic in Have you ever feel?

That person I heard from is Hong Wei and he made a post about it as well.

Let imagine this happen, you being the A and another guy being the B.

A: Can you help me do this?
B: No
After a while
B: Can you help me do this?
A: …… Yes….

Why did you say yes?

Let me quote a few phrases from my wushu Teacher-In-Charge from her blog.

in certain circumstances, you do not wish to disappoint pple and u will have the tendancy to give in to maybe due to seniority, once they flare up, you have to give in.and u will always be their obedient girl/boy, who do not dare to speak up and get wat u want.u will always live in the way they want u to be and if u dare to step out of the standard they have given u to live up to, there will be critisims against u, for eg ‘you have turn into a rotten egg’,’y are u in this way…’ or ‘ u are such a disgrace/failure’,u will be the same old u, who do not have the courage to do things u want. results? you are not doing things for yourself.

1. Avoid disappointment by opposite party.
2. Seniority
3. Do not dare to oppose
4. Afraid criticisms
5. Living up to standard

Some of the reasons on why A ( you ) has to say YES.

Has this ever happen to you?